This Saturday and Sunday there will track maintenance sessions on the F1 track adjacent to the carpark. The purpose is to repair and protect against erosion, and re-align an off-camber corner to make it safer for the 12hr. If you can help, please meet near the carpark from 8:30am.

We will be organising a few maintenance sessions in the lead up to the 12hr. There is a bit of pruning to do, and there are wet spots that will need draining and repairing.

If you are out in the Scenic, carry some secateurs with you and if you get slapped in the face by a twig or have to duck under a branch, stop and cut it back. A few riders doing a little bit over a long time goes a long way to keeping the spring growth under control.

Thanks to the crews that helped out with the spraying last month. The efforts are starting to pay off now with good die-back.