• Report By Tony Allnutt

Some 18 months ago I was told to take up swimming or biking as the knee’s are playing up . I had a mountain bike so go to work . Four weeks ago I up graded to a Specialized  Epic Expert . We lifted the handle bars up to help with a sore back and I was off .

The difference in bikes is immense, its 3 kg lighter, has great front and rear suspension disc’s all round , just the bee’s knee’s. So it was with anticipation that I entered my son Connor myself and Bradley Cameron and Ryan into the 12 hr The Green Street  team . Max our team “manager” decided that I should go first .( Must have thought others would give way to someone with so much grey hair ). Any way the hooter sounded and off we went . I was racing round on the very first lap and canned off after hitting a tree root , fortunately the track was mainly dirt . My right leg went under the front sprocket and I landed on my right side.   A rider stopped to help (thanks to you) after a bit of moaning and groaning I got up to carry on . Had to straighten the handle bars  , put the chain back on and stand on the rear wheel a couple of times so it wasn’t rubbing ,and made it to the transition.  I made it this time without incident.

Our riders went off in succession .(Graham Howe’s very  kindly was having a go at fixing my bike) it wasn’t ready for my second run so I borrowed my son Connor’s bike. Half way round the lap I had to get off and raise the seat as it had moved down on me as I road . I just got back on and heard a load pop and a lot of hissing  ,the front tyre  was flat as . I nursed the

I certainly learnt a lot and look forward to next years event . The bike went really well but the rider has some work to do , that being me.