Hi everyone,

Jumping on the idea of the growing Enduro style event, the SCMTB Club is going to trial a new event this coming Sunday 11th August. This will be a low key event but still provides some exciting riding. There will be 4 downhill stages around 1.5 – 2.5 kms long each. Each rider will go off at intervals and be timed to the bottom. Then there will be plenty of time to cruise back up the road to prepare for the next run down.  Due to the lay of the land, there are portions of uphill in some of the stages, so be prepared to pedal (or push)! About 16kms will be covered in total (including uphill).

This event has been designed to suit everybody with a reasonable riding ability. If you can rip it up in the scenic, you will be fine. XC and Trail riders will be mixing it up with DH riders, with bits that will favour different styles.

$2 entry. Sign in at the bottom carpark from 8:30, then leave the car there or choose one of the other parking options.
Briefing at 9:30 at the top.
Race Starts at 10:00 from the top.

Come and support a new event in an awesome venue and bring your mates! Excuse any teething issues as we learn how to run this style of event.

Depending on the success of this trial, we might upscale it to a club fund-raising event in the future, and to help raise the profile of this neat riding venue.

Location:- Raincliff Forest. Start point for all stages will be from the access track at the top of the forest. Look out for the “MTB Race” signs.
Options for parking at Raincliff:
    1 – Normal carpark at the bottom, and then ride up the road to the start line.
    2 – Skid site about 3/4 of the way up Middle Valley Road on the right, and then ride up the road to the start line.
    3 – Skid site at end of access track. This is accessible in a road car as long as it has reasonable ground clearance
        (no lowered cars with body kits). You will be stuck here until the event is over.

The road is a public road and OPEN TO VEHICLES – normal road rules apply. Please be very careful as you come back up the road.

You can get directions to the Forest from this
Google Map

Raincliff Enduro Stages

Keep tabs on the website for updates, or for more information contact:
  Keith Westoby 022 340 1223
  Karl Vaughan 027 738 6567

See you all there!

Tour 1
118m ascent
approx time 15min

Distance 1.9kms
ascent 20m
descent 129m
time 6.35

TOUR 2 – as per tour 1

Distance 1.94 kms
ascent 34m
descent 134m
time 7.09

TOUR 3 – as per tour 1

distance 1.35 kms
ascent 11m
descent 134m
time 5.07

distance 1.42kms
ascent 88m
time 12 min

Distance 1.19kms
ascent 4m
descent 89
time 3.10