McLean’s Island 6 and 12 hour races 10 October 2009


Five South Canterbury teams took part in the event with amazing success.


6 hour – 1st senior men’s and 1st overall – Wilson Bros Racing ( Kyle Wood, Kelvin Fox and Daron Colvill)


6 Hour – 1st Junior boy’s – The Mouldy Toenails (Cameron Fitzgerald, Ollie Austin and David Ashby-Coventry)


6 Hour – 1st Vet mens and 2nd overall – Save me a Sausage 2 (Craig Atwill, Trevor Prattley and Simon Coventry)


12 hr – 2nd Open Woman’s – G-Force (Rachel Richards, Emily Watson, Kika Miederhoff and Emma Prestige.


The day was very cold and windy but fortunately the rain stayed away. The previous few day’s rain had left puddles all throughout parts of the track however the actual track is impervious to rain and you could hit the berms as fast as you liked. McLean’s Island has been extended by 5 kms so it was cool to ride some new track and if we weren’t racing there would have been heaps of little jumpy opportunities.


Kyle Wood and Craig Atwill put up the quickest times of the local riders but we were all put to the sword by the incredible young pushbikes boy’s who took out the 12 hour event with some stunning lap times. It is hard to see anyone coming near these boy’s in the Timaru 12 hr.