The Dobson Dash is a new event for Mackenzie and is a downhill mountain multisport event involving skiing/snowboarding, mountain biking and trail running. Approximately 22kms in total it starts high on Mt Dobson Ski Area and finishes at the Silverstream Hotel in Kimbell. The ski/board route will be suitable for intermediate skiers/boarders but be prepared for a bit of a snow sprint too. The mountain biking is on a steep windy alpine road with no edge barriers and a changeable surface condition. You’ll need to be confident on a bike and have good tyres and brakes. Then it will be time to take on the Opihi River bed on foot with it’s pebbles and riveryness, that you will have to cross in places, and maybe a muddy track then a stint on the verge of SH8 before reaching the finish line at the Hotel where there should be some refreshments to your liking and hopefully some prizes.

If you are keen to enter email and as soon as the last little details are finalised you will be sent an entry from. Event info also available on

Dobson Dash