Hi everyone,

Here are confirmed details for a club ride at Tekapo this coming Sunday.  Bring togs and towel and family too for hot pools (or cold lake) afterwards, and a picnic lunch (or we can lunch in a local establishment where cold beer is served).

Tekapo – Mt John, Cowans Hill, Lillybank Forest

Sunday 20th January

Timaru – SBS Events Centre on Morgans Road, carpark on the north side of water turf at 8:00am, departing 8:15am.
Tekapo – Somewhere in the shade under the trees along Lakeside Drive near the holiday park at about 9:30am.

Matthew Milne, 027 412 4665

We will go up Mt John first, and get the exposed hill out the way before it gets too hot.  Then back through town and up Cowans Hill, and use the new walk/bike track to hook into Lillybank Forest where we will sus out the Tekapo10 circuit and maybe do a couple of laps.

Ride time will be… I have no idea.  Maybe 1.5 hours for Mt John, and another 1.5 at Cowans Hill and Lilybank Forest.

Make sure you bring lots of water, but as we are not going far from the town there will be opportunity to refill.

If you want to bring the family along and make a day of it, then by all means do.  I have not had any response re families so I have not tried to organise anything more than this.  Families might like to do their own thing anyway.

See you there!


SCMTBC Secretary/Webmaster