Hi everyone,

Here are confirmed details for a club ride at Raincliff Forest this Sunday. The purpose of this ride is to trial ride laps of the Choc Fish Race circuit in prperation for the race to be held here at the end of the month, make adjustments if necessary, and see how car-parking works etc. Several hundred meters has recently been dug to make Hoare track ride-able in both directions, so it can be ridden as a loop with McKay track. These new bits will benefit from some bedding in. This is a combo day ride/dig day – please bring you bike and some track digging tools, and be prepared to use both.

Raincliff Forest

This Sunday, 10th June

Timaru – SBS Events Centre on Morgans Road (carpark on northern side of water turf) at 8:20am
Raincliff – We will start by meeting at the bottom carpark at 9am, but don’t unpack your bike yet. We want to see if we can get cars up the very top, but need to check it out to make sure it will work (Option 1). There is also a skidder site half way up which we could use for parking (Option 2).

Matthew Milne – 027 412 4665
Cam Dunnage – 027 202 8770

The proposed course will make a loop using the top parts of Hoare and McKay tracks (purple track – ACW direction). Approx 2.4km, 60m climbing per lap. If it needs to be longer (unlikely), we might include the lower portion of McKay and Hoare. And of course, we can ride the other tracks too.

Raincliff Choc Fish Proposal

Stay as long as you like!

Remember that there is no cell phone coverage in the forest. Bring a first aid kit. There may be some wasps around still.

See you there!