Back in July we rode for a couple of hours up the Orari gorge in some
challenging winter conditions.  How about another crack now the tracks
won’t be covered in sheets of ice?  If you are thinking of doing the Blue
Mountain race/ride in March, this will cover part of that route and give you an
idea of what to expect.

Orari Gorge, from Orari Station.

Sunday 8th December (This Sunday!)

Timaru – carpool at the SBS Events Centre carpark on Morgans Road at 8:45,
leaving at 9:00.
Orari Gorge Station – stock yards at the end of Tripp Settlement Road (North of
Geraldine) at 9:45 (don’t unload your bike here because we will drive a
bit further into the station, and want to make sure everyone ends up in the
same place).

Ride description:
The route will take us along a public track that sidles along the banks of the
Orari, mostly 4wd farm tracks.   There are no big long climbs involved,
but there will be a few short pinches and we are riding up river so have to do
some climbing 🙂  There are a few fords to cross on side streams, but
nothing too deep.  The goal this time is to make it to the hut for lunch
(a bit over 2 hours ish).  If people are up to it, we could carry on right
through to Blue Mountain Station after lunch and then come back via the same
route.  Google Earth map is attached.

Total ride time will be approximately 4-5 hours.  Distance to hut for
lunch is about 34km (return), and if going right through to the far end of the
gorge, 48km (return).

Thing to bring:
– As always when in the outdoors, carry a rain coat and warm clothing.
– Plenty of water and some real food to chew on. 
– Chain lube for the wet.
– Spare tube and usual tools etc.
– Spare clothing in the car.
– Sunscreen.

Simon Hitchcock – 027 355 2030

See you there!