Hi everyone,

Here are confirmed details for a club ride at Craigieburn, plus Hog’s Back if feeling fit (both are most excellent tracks).

Craigieburn, + Castle Hill Village

Sunday 9th Dec 2012

Timaru – SBS Events Centre on Morgans Road, carpark on the north
side of water turf at 8:00am, departing 8:15am. Bring some

Darren Gelson, 021 234 8955

The Craigieburn route will take us up the Craigieburn ski field access road to the base of the lifts. To start is a long slog up the road, granny ring most of the way. Look up to the left as you go under the shingle screes, and you may spot the single track way above you cutting back across. Once you hit the lifts, it is time for some sweet single track back to Lyndon Saddle, crossing some big steep shingle screes. Parts of the track are narrow and very tricky to ride. Most of the track from the ski field back to Lyndon Saddle is downish, but their is a pinch back up to the saddle. At Lyndon Saddle, some may wish to carry their bikes up Helicopter Hill and ride back down it.

Leaving Lyndon Saddle, ride “The Luge” all the way back down to the Broken River ski field access road. The Luge all tends down hill and is rooty and bumpy and very fun.

Back to the car and off to Castle Hill village for the “Hog’s Back” if legs allow. This is a purpose built MTB track built by locals. Less technically demanding than Craigieburn, but open, fast, flowy, and awesome fun (at least riding it downhill anyway).

Ride time for the whole day could be approximately 3-4hrs at a guess, depending on ability.

As always when in the outdoors, carry suitable clothing in case the weather changes. Make sure you have plenty of water and some real food to chew on.

It is probably too early in the season for wasps to be a big problem, but be warned some may be around.

See you there!