Hi everyone,

I hope bellies have not grown too much over Christmas!  Merry
Christmas to everyone.  Good to see that the Monday ride on
Christmas Eve saw 5 people (including a visiting Aussie) meet for a
ride, and another 6 tonight (including another ex Timaruvian now
Aussie, sporting a less than 8kg 29er with carbon wheels, and a very
fast looking carbon seat with no padding).  I wonder who will show
on the Monday ride on New Years Eve?

We have two club events coming up in January, hopefully after
everyone is back from holidays, so put them on your calendar!

Sunday 20th January – Club ride at Tekapo
Part of the purpose of this trip is to have a look at the circuit
for the Tekapo10 10hour race in February.  We will do a couple of
laps of this forest course.  We will also climb up Mt John for a
view, and possibly do a quick circuit of Cowan’s Hill too.  This
will be a good warmup for the next Choc Fish the following Sunday! 
We were thinking that perhaps people might like to bring families
along too, and they can visit the lake and hot-pools.  If there is
enough interest, we could all have lunch together or visit the
hot-pools afterwards.  Attached is a Google Earth file with the
Tekapo trails (as I know them).

More details to be confirmed later based on interest.  Let us know
if you are keen.

Sunday 27th January – Choc Fish Summer Series Round 2 in
Centennial Park, Timaru

Choc Fish Race in Centennial Park.  Final details will be sent out

A reminder that the Mackenzie College Tekapo10 is on Saturday
2nd February
If you are interested in being part of a team, please let us know
and we will put together some club teams.


SCMTBC Secretary/Webmaster