Here are details for our combined Chocolate Fish race and Club Ride at Cape Wanbrow in Oamaru, hosted by Mountain Biking North Otago. You don’t have to do both if you don’t want to, but once you have had a taste of the trails I bet you will 🙂

Cape Wanbrow is a really cool place to ride. It has a mixture of fast flowing trails and slow tricky technical rooty bits, with a few climbs. The tracks are a lot dryer than ours at the moment (they usually are), so they make a good variation year round.

This is a fantastic opportunity to explore the Cape, have a race, and have some fun too! Please come along and support this event and both the SC and NO Mountain Bike Clubs!

Choc Fish Mtb Race / Club Ride

Sunday 29th May

Choc Fish race details:

Meeting at:
Oamaru – 10am
to sign in

Timaru –
For those wishing to car-pool from Timaru, please meet at the Wetland’s Cafe (on the main road south just before you leave Timaru, between the Caltex service station and the Salt Water Creek Bridge) at 8:45.

Location:-Cape Wanbrow – Oamaru. Park at the end of Test St and ride 500m up the gravel road to find the race start/finishing area (Club ride also starting from here at 11am)

Race Starts at 10.30am….30min race

Entry is $2, and all participants receive a Chocolate Fish!

Club Ride will start straight after the choc fish race. We will explore the tracks around Cape Wanbrow.

For more information contact Kelvin at

See you all there!

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