Over the winter the Thursday night lap rides died off, but with the return of daylight savings, and the impending race season, we are going to kick them off again this Thursday.

The idea is that every skill level can come along and ride at their own pace. If the course has tricky bits, if you want you can just miss that bit out or stop and see how the others are riding it. Maybe ride with the good guys to learn some tricks etc, or use the opportunity to session bits that you would like to nail with the support of others. The route will be decided on the night.

We would like to encourage school groups to join us. If you know of any please let them and us know.

The ride format is quite different to Monday night rides and is in no way designed to replace Monday rides. So if you want to have a go, meet at the lake car park in Centennial Park at 6.30 Thursday. It is currently light till about 8pm so high output lights are probably not required, but commuter lights for the ride home are mandatory (also good to use on the trails to avoid head-ons.

See you out there!
SCMTBC committee