– Tekapo

Download the Google Earth file here: Mountain Bike Trails.kmz

DOCs regional trail maps: DOC Mackenzie Region Trails

Mt John This is actually a walking track and bikes are not supposed to be on it

From the hot-pools, travel north around the western side of the lake, through a gate which may be closed. The first part is under trees, but this soon opens up to bare tussock land. The track eventually turns and heads up the hill and back towards the observatory.

Cowans Hill

A small patch of forest and another hill with some observational equipment. There are a few short trails down lower in the trees, with a 4WD track heading up the hill. There are little trails that shoot if in several directions but I have only walked a few of them. Recon required. You can now traverse a new track across open land towards the main road, and cross the road into the top of Lilybank Forest.

Lilybank Forest

Opened up to the public a few years ago, this patch of forest northeast of Tekapo has had a pretty good 7km single track loop, used for the Tekapo10 10 hour event. Quite a lot of fun, especially coming fast down off the top down to the carpark.


Richmond Trail

Richmond Trail is a DOC track off the Round Hill Skifield road, traversing a glacial terrace above the lake. DOC Mackenzie Region Trails