– Cape Wanbrow (Oamaru)

Cape Wanbrow

Oamaru’s main mountain biking area used to be Cape Wanbrow, but it has changed much in the last 2 years with the trees being clear-felled, and the locals having to start from scratch. There efforts were focused on Herbert Forest while it was closed.

Despite its small size, the Cape has a reasonable change of elevation that makes it very interesting, and is criss-crossed with a number of developing tracks. Most of the tracks are rather technical and steep.

It is recommended mainly for technical riders, but there are some walking tracks that make for some easier family riding too.

To make a good ride it is a good idea to hook up with a local to show you around. Contact Mountain Biking North Otago.

How to get there:
There are two entry points to Cape Wanbrow: Tamar Street at the lookout, or Test Street at the bottom. It is recommended to start at Test Street so that your ride ends on a nice downhill run.

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