The SCMTBC strongly encourages local mountain bikers to join the club. The benefits of joining the club are:

  • Get on the club email list and be advised of club activities
  • Provides financial assistiance with trail maintenance and building
  • Give mountain bikers a strong unified voice in South Canterbury
  • Affiliation to Mountain Biking NZ

Access for Mountain Bikers to places like Centennial Park is only possible because of an active club working with the Timaru District Council.

The Council permits the club to build and maintain trails and assists us with materials. Without a local MTB club, access to all the trails we enjoy in places like Centennial Park and Raincliff is not guaranteed.

If you are a local mountain biker and enjoy riding trails maintained by the South Canterbury Mountain Bike Club (Centennial Park, Raincliff etc) – please join the club!

We are always looking for fresh faces on the committee too, so if you are interested, please contact us!

Email List

If you have joined but are not on our email list for some reason (sometimes the forms take a while to filter through), send an email to webmaster asking to be put on the email list.

Annual Membership runs from 1st January 2020 to 31 December 2020

  • Membership is made up of $20 per individual, or $25 for a whole family at that same address.
  • The membership fee is to cover track development and maintenance, administrative costs, and MTBNZ affiliation and insurance fees.


    Membership Application / Registration Form


    Principle Member - Fee $20

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    2. Other Members at Same Address - Fee +$5
      e.g. Dad, Mum and two children = $25
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    15. If you chose other, please explain below
    Membership Fees


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    Pay into Bank Account:
    South Canterbury Mountain Bike Club Inc
    Westpac a/c: 03-0887-0281375-00
    Please put your name clearly on the transfer details
    (for internet banking, receipt of payment implies acceptance of above conditions)

    Pay by Cheque / Cash
    Post to:
    South Canterbury Mountain Bike Club
    PO Box 40
    Timaru, 7940




    Declaration: I accept that cycling can sometimes be dangerous, and I agree that I participate in club activities at my own risk. I understand that my personal information will be entered into the club database and will be used for a club mailing list. It will not be forwarded to third parties.

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