Hi everyone,

Here are confirmed details for a club ride at Blue Cliffs, west from St Andrews.

Mr J Meares property, 3292 Backline Road, Otaio

1. Follow the State Highway 1 to St Andrews and turn right into Blue Cliffs Rd. Follow for about (5km).
2. Turn left into Grays Crossing Rd through ford (for 2km)
3. Turn right into Esk Valley Rd (for 3km)
4. Turn left into Agnew Rd (uphill) (for 2.5km)
5. Turn right into Campbell & Forrests Rd (for 7km)
6. Follow to farmers gateway. Cross cattlestop, park on right of track just inside gateway.

Sunday 17th November, 9am at the venue.

Timaru – 8am at the Wetlands Cafe, Redruth to carpool
3292 Backline Road – 9am. Park just inside gateway over cattle-stop.

Paul Walker, 03 684 3198, 027 309 6362

Route description:
We will be riding a loop all on farm 4wd track. We will start at the farm house and gradually climb up to the base of a big hill climb – approx. 700-800m looking at Google Earth. From here most of this track will be granny gear climbing up to a farmers hut on the ridgeline which you can see as we climb. Stop at the hut for a snack then carry along ridge line with some up and down until we hit the downhill track. Down then along the base of the hill back to the start of the uphill again then back to the cars.

A reasonable amount of fitness will be needed for this ride – we could be out for 4 plus hours (as we ride as a group and stay together) so bring enough food and drink.

As always when in the outdoors, carry a rain coat and warm clothing, especially as we will be exposed along the ridge line. Make sure you have plenty of water and some real food to chew on.

Please remember this is private property so no littering. Please take out what you bring in.

See you there!