This is a Secondary School event and may include both Yr 7 & 8 riders and non-Aoraki region racers. All racers must be attending a school and have their entry form signed by the school principal.

The Course is on Private Property and cannot be ridden without permission of the South Canterbury Mountain Bike Club. There is no access to the property during September due to lambing.

Please respect the landowner’s property, do not interfere with any stock, fences or gates. Smoking or any flames are not permitted in the forest.


VENUE:-Graham Talbot’s farm, Pareroa Ford Road South Canterbury 20 Km from Highfield Timaru

DIRECTIONS: (from Timaru)

Wai-iti Road – Left on to Claremont Road follow the road right at Whale Bones corner as it becomes Taiko Road – down Taiko zigzag – Taiko Valley and left onto Pareora Ford Road. The route will be signposted from Claremont Road.

WHEN:          Sunday October 18th 2009 (NO postponement date!)

EVENT MANAGER: Simon Coventry

COORDINATOR: Regional Sports Director (RSD) Bob Pringle

ENTRY FEE:  $10.00 per rider covers one or both races.

                          Pay on the day to Bob Pringle (R.S.D).

ENTRY DUE: On or before 3.00 p.m. Tuesday October 13th (2nd day of Term 4). All entries must be signed by the school principal.

AGE CATEGORIES: Age as at 1 January 2009

Cross Country        (Group 2) Yr 7 & 8, Un 14, Un 15 – (Group 1) Un 17 & Un 19

Downhill:                  Un 14, Un 15, Un 17& Un 19 (Note any Yr 7-8 entrants with parental written approval will be entered in the under 14 category for the downhill)


CROSS COUNTRY:           Start Time     10.00am

The cross country race will be multi-lap with a two stage staggered start with Under 15 riders taking approximately 45 minutes and Under 19 riders 1.10 hour. The course is a mixture of open farm country, pine forest, ascent, descent and flat. (No major climbs)

DOWNHILL RACE:             Start Time     12.30pm     

This is a timed event where you go individually. There will be two practice runs followed by a timed run.


The organizers reserve the right to make modifications on the day. (E.g. Number of practice runs due to entry numbers, or changes due to conditions).  The Downhill Course will be open for practice in the morning.


Transport by 4 wheel drive vehicle to the top of the course will be available for racers as there is no public road access to the top.


The course begins on a hilltop paddock, quickly moving into a pine forest with a number of jumps, humps, steep sections and drop offs. There are chicken routes for those who prefer to keep their wheels primarily on the ground, however this will slow you down. Care must be taken on the jumps associated with steeper territory and they should only be undertaken by experienced riders. There are several flattish sections where pedaling is required. Nearing the end of the forest section there are two alternate routes. Do not take the right hand route unless you are accomplished at rock drop offs/jumps. The track then moves into open country with a rock descent and several more jumps before the end is reached.


Year 7 & 8s can only race in the downhill in the Under 14 age category race if parents have given written permission. (Held by School T.I.C. and MUST be sighted by Event Manager Simon Coventry or Bob Pringle.

Please note the downhill course has jumps and steep drop offs and requires a high level of mountainbike skill.




FOOD:           Competitors – have a good breakfast AND bring your own lunch, snacks and drink. There is no running water at the site, please come prepared.

TENTS:         Schools can erect sun shades or tents on the grass near the start of the events.

PORTALOO: A portaloo will be available

BIKES:          As you will be aware Mountain Bikes are NOT cheap. DO NOT touch anyone else’s bike or personal property.  (Aoraki S.S. Sport and SC Mountain Bike Club will take no responsibility for loss of or damage to any property)

ALL bikes need to be well prepared and up to racing standard.

Approved HELMETS and suitable clothing must be worn at all times.

ALL bikes will be checked prior to racing.

EVENT FORMAT:   9.00 – 9.30 am Registration

                                    9.00 – 9.45 am Cross Country Bike Safety Checks

                                   9.30 am Managers meeting

                                  9.45 am Cross Country briefing: Miss briefing then you may be scratched.

                                 Males and females race together in age category. Age category is age as

                                 at 1 January 2009

                                 10.00 am Cross Country Race starts       

                                 11.45 – 12.15 pm Downhill bike checks

                                 12.15 pm Downhill Race briefing: Miss briefing then you may be scratched.

                                 12.30 pm Downhill Race (Start times will be age related)

                                 4.30 pm’ish:  Presentations


WINNERS:    All placings decided on time.

                        An inter school Teams Race winner will be awarded based upon points gained

                        across both disciplines.

PROTESTS:  These must be lodged within ten minutes of completion of either race. This must be in writing with a $20.00 fee and lodged with the Event Manager or RSD. This will be reimbursed if the protest is upheld.

FIRST AID:   An official St. John Officer will be available on site.

Schools bring own first aid kit as for RAMS requirements.

PRESENTATIONS:  To be held immediately after the event.

             Medals (Aoraki region riders only) & Certificates to ALL winners

            Certificates also for 2nd & 3rd place-getters

            There will also be a number of spot prizes and or category prizes kindly

            donated by The Cyclery, Howes Cycles, Reiker Cycles and Special 



Code of conduct and responsibility waiver


  • All teams must be in the charge of a responsible coach or manager.
  • All students are to be drug, alcohol and smoke free.
  • Any concerns regarding the course or event are to be made by the team manager to Simon Coventry or Bob Pringle.
  • All students must be attending the school they represent.
  • All participants and spectators are to show respect for fellow entrants and officials.
  • Competitors are to abide by the rules and instructions of the event.
  • Any competitor who behaves dangerously or breaches event rules may be immediately disqualified.
  • In the event of any “Act of God” conditions causing cancellation of the event there may not be a refund of entry fees.
  • Neither the organizers or sponsors or any parties associated with event shall have any responsibility, financial or otherwise, which might arise whether or not by negligence for any direct or indirect loss, injury or death that might be sustained by an athlete/athletes or any party directly or indirectly associated with them, from their intended or actual participation in the event or its related activities.


Simon Coventry                                           Bob Pringle

(Event Manager)                               (Aoraki Sports Director) 

If you require further information or if you are willing to lend a hand on the day as a marshall Simon Coventry would love to hear from you:

Thanks to the Sponsors:

Special Events Aoraki Ltd:

The Cyclery:

Howes Avanti Plus:

Reiker Cycles: